What if your
best was only
the beginning?

100% of my clients say I empower them to achieve breakthroughs in their performance, unleashing more of their potential – personally and professionally.

Your sky is not the limit.

About Polly

I am a leading Mindset and Performance Coach,
with a proven track record for restoring people to full power.

Straight-talking, empathetic, and disarmingly humorous, I excel at working with people who, despite their accomplishments, are still seeking the achievement, fulfilment, or happiness that seems to consistently elude them.

Coaching you to work from the inside-out I bring a powerful mix of sound intuition, practical insight and dedication. Working together we remove the blocks that hold you back personally or professionally. You’re then free to unleash your full drive and innate intelligence to become unstoppable. This creates exponential progress across your entire life enabling you to be truly accomplished, fulfilled, and holistically happy!

About my Clients

My clients come from all walks of life: entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, public figures,
world class athletes, actors, artists, creatives, companies, education establishments and sports teams.

As high achievers, one common theme is we can feel lonely, fear failure, worry about getting it right, being enough, having enough and feel overwhelmed and stressed. It’s the dark side of talent and success. It can feel impossible to find lasting fulfilment and happiness in this mindset when “What's next?” is always looming, or you feel like something is still missing.

It doesn't have to be that way. Thankfully I see who you really are, what you are truly capable of, how you can find what currently eludes you and that it is yours to claim!

The question is, are you ready to discover how to be truly happy and powerful across your whole life?

"Polly is a genius. I had been wading through the mud trying to achieve my goals and suddenly, with Polly's help, the penny dropped. I now feel all released and unstuck and excited and playful and energetic. It's blooming marvellous!"

Charlie W,
NLP Trainer

"Polly is a coach with a large spectrum of knowledge and knows what to ask at the right time to get maximum impact. Through working with her, areas of my life have opened where before they remained stagnant. It’s not comfortable working with her, but the results are definitely there to back it up!"

Kate S, Business Coach & World Champion Triathlete

"Polly is wonderful and really powerful. I feel a lot of trust towards her. After just one session with Polly, I felt a lot of power and felt free to share my vulnerability with people without that overriding fear of being shamed. It was fantastic! I really recommend her."

Omari EB,
Director Moved2Learn

"Polly is one of the most amazing women I have ever met and worked with. Her unique way of coaching helps you to get to where you need to go, with a clear mind and self confidence. She has the ability to see you for who you truly are and finds the way that works with you, to empower you, to reach what you want in life."

Real Estate Agent

"Polly is amazing! When I met her I was very stuck in an unhappy relationship and life with no idea how to change it. Through her coaching I have managed to turn every aspect of my life around and am more happier than I have every been. Polly could see what was holding me back before I could. I could not recommend her enough - she’s dynamic, funny, powerful, caring and very open - the goals I set I am in the way to achieving and I could not have done it without her."

Victoria Price,
PA & Marketing


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