When we live our life as we really choose, empowered and free of our past, that’s when real transformation becomes possible. Life is opportunity. These twelve principles empower me to live my life, striving to be the very best version of myself. I’m human so I don’t always get it right, but these tenets keep me on track. They give me the power to live as I choose, not as circumstances and emotions might otherwise dictate. They remind me I can recreate myself at any point simply by taking full responsibility for myself.

  1. We are at the root of everything in our life.
  2. The only real self there is is the ‘self’ you consider yourself to be.
  3. Mistakes are the greatest teachers. Learn from your own and other peoples.
  4. Strive to understand before trying to be understood.
  5. Focus on the message not the words and look for the speaker’s intention.
  6. How we perceive people is not the truth, it’s just our perspective.
  7. We are only as good as our word and our word is fundamental to who we are.
  8. There is no room for judgment and shame in this world.
  9. I have more when you have more.
  10. Be guided by your intuition.
  11. Everyone has magic in them.
  12. Every day serve others generously and trust the world has your back.

Every successful person faces challenges at some point. I believe that by tackling these issues, addressing our mistakes and acknowledging our vulnerabilities, our greatest achievements become possible.