If we let them, our emotional states can hold immense power over our lives. They alter how we feel, what we see, how we behave, and how we respond to the situations, people, and circumstances that surround us.

As humans, our emotional states exist as vibrational energy. Everything around us is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. If you’re feeling sad or stressed, your energy will vibrate at a lower frequency. If you experience an overwhelming sense of peace and joy, your energy exists at a much higher frequency. And you’ll often attract energy to match your own.

That’s why a low emotional state can quickly drag every other aspect of your life down with it. You descend into your bad mood, feelings of stress, or shame, and find it increasingly difficult to pull yourself back up. And much the same can be said about a positive emotional state. You feel happier, more upbeat, surround yourself with more positive, uplifting people, and find yourself with a greater zest and appreciation for life.

The spectrum

In our levels of consciousness – such as in Hawkins Scale of Consciousness – there will always be a halfway point. A band of fairly neutral feelings; those that neither do something for you or against you.

Anything below this band – feelings such as shame, guilt, fear, or anger – are emotional states that take from you in some way. They’ll have a negative impact upon you and your life. And the lower you go, the more uncomfortable and unpleasant you will feel. With shame being the lowest. 

Alongside these feelings comes a sense of force, as we are out of sorts with ourselves – off kilter. That’s when we make mistakes in how we speak to people, how defensive we are, and left unchecked, we can become angry. Negative emotional states like these tend to hold you down and keep you trapped in a more negative headspace. They’re harder to overcome and take a lot more conscious effort to rise up from.

At the top half of the spectrum exists the higher vibrational energy. States such as enlightenment, peace, love, and acceptance. Instead of force, here we will experience power. We feel positive, inspired, and empowered to take ownership of our lives and our emotions. We’re better able to allow negative experiences to wash over us without dragging us down.

Like attracts like

This is a basic concept. You attract like-minded people, emotions, and energy. If you’re currently feeling down and stuck in the states of shame and guilt, you’ll attract more of this around you. You’ll find yourself hanging around people or situations who encourage more of the same.

Or, on the other end, if you’re feeling empowered, at peace, and joyful, naturally you won’t associate with any negative, miserable people. You’ll seek out more for yourself and your headspace.

If you don’t handle the bad stuff that happens to you, it’ll keep happening. On those days where everything seems to be going wrong, if you allow yourself to fall into the more negative emotional states, you’ll continue to descend down into everything that’s not working. Stress only narrows your perception and allows more mistakes to happen. 

Instead, try to stop and breathe. In the face of adversity, you need to calm down in order to open up again and maintain your positive energy. And once you move past what’s gone wrong and move into more positive levels of consciousness, you’ll attract more positivity and turn your day around.

Taking ownership

But it’s not just luck of the draw as to how we wake up feeling each day.

If we’re aware of the far-reaching impacts our emotional states have on us, we can begin to choose differently for ourselves. We can decide whether something bad happening will ruin the rest of our day or serve as a turning point for everything to get better. Every emotion you experience has the power to take you one way or the other. To lift you or hold you down. It’s up to you to decide which way you’re letting things take you.

True empowerment comes when you can stay in a positive state of consciousness despite something going wrong. Despite missing your train, spilling coffee down yourself, or falling out with a friend. When you can recognise why you were angry, sad, or stressed but choose to step through it and leave it behind.

Our thoughts produce feelings, our feelings produce actions, and these give you the results you have in life. When we can see exactly what impacts our emotions have, we can better control the influence they have on our daily lives.

I work closely with my clients to help them access the more positive, empowering levels of consciousness. To minimise the hold negative events, experiences, and emotions have over you and your life. If you’re interested in working together, get in touch to schedule a conversation with me here.